Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spyderco UKPK Review

Key Info
- UK Legal carry. 
- Non-locking blade. 
- CTS-BD1 blade steel. 
- FRN handles.
- Choice of blade styles. 
- Reversible pocket clip. 
The Spyderco UKPK (United Kingdom Penknife) is a very popular knife, made in the USA by Spyderco. It was designed in collaboration with members of the “BritishBlades” forum, for carry in areas, such as the UK, where knife laws are highly restrictive. To comply with the UK law, the blade is non locking and is 2.95 inches in length. The steel is CTS-BD1 and several styles of blade (flat grind, serrated etc) are available. The model reviewed is the FRN plain leaf blade. 

CTS-BD1 steel is a corrosion-resistant steel, with good edge retention. It is easy to sharpen and can take a very fine edge indeed. Even the factory edge was very good, and this is probably the sharpest knife I have ever received. BD1 is a good every day steel, and is a good compromise between edge retention and ease of sharpening. After a year of use, the blade has proved versatile and hardwearing, though I do sometimes miss the lock. The blade is available in flat grind, plain and serrated formats, is 2.95 inches long and, as stated, does not lock open. Instead of a lock, the UKPK uses a newly designed backspring to “click” the blade in place, without actually fixing it there. In addition, the combination of excellent jimping with the deep choil means that you can get your finger and thumb round the base of the blade for added control and to help prevent it from closing inadvertently. There is a classic large “spyderhole” in the blade for easy one hand opening. There is also a half-stop on the blade as you close it, which I presume is slight added security against accidental closure. It is worth noting that due to Spyderco’s fairly unusual blade style, despite its legality, people in the UK may still be surprised if you open the UKPK in a busy public place, so discretion is advised. 

Everything Else
The UKPK has a reversible pocket clip for LH/RH use, which can be swapped over by the use of a small torx driver (I am unsure of the exact size). It clips on quite firmly, but unfortunately there is no lanyard hole, so I have made a small lanyard from paracord with the centre strands removed, which slides up the clip. This solution works quite well for a little added insurance. The handle is FRN (fiber reinforced nylon) and feels sturdy (though it does not have any steel liners) and comfortable to hold. It is also thin and lightweight, and therefore unnoticeable in your pocket. 

As you would expect from Spyderco, the UKPK is of excellent quality, and feels sturdy and nice to use. There is zero blade play, and the fit and finish is excellent. Spyderco also has a good warranty in the unlikely event of a problem. 

I carry my UKPK every day and it has always performed admirably. It takes a razor edge and has absolutely no sign of rust, despite being soaked on several occasions. It copes easily with the majority of the tasks a lock knife will be used for, and if you live in a place where the carry of locking knives is banned, then, in my opinion, the UKPK is really the best alternative. 

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