Tuesday, 21 January 2014

True Utility Trolly Dolly Review

Key Info
- Unlocks most common UK/EU supermarket trollies. 
- Small and light. 
- Handy bottle opener and screwdriver. 

The True Utility Trolly Dollyis an interesting little keyring tool. It fits into the Pound/Euro slot of most insert-coin style supermarket trollies and releases them. However, due to its shape, it can then be easily removed without having to chain the trolley to the next one. Some may see this as a handy tool for trolley theft/laziness, however, I prefer to see it as a more useful take on the trolley token, as it can be used to release multiple trollies for bumper shopping trips/other people and doubles as a handy bottle opener and screwdriver. 

To use the Trolly Dolly, it is inserted into the coin slot of a trolley and removed. This releases the trolley, and the tool does not remain in the trolley, so it can be used again if desired. I tested it on both Marks and Spencer and Waitrose trollies, and it released them both fine. The bottle opener and screwdriver work fine too. However, it does not fit the type of trolley where the coin must be inserted in a drawer and then slid in. One thing worth noting is the provided clip. A small clip is supplied for attaching the tool to your keys, but it has a rather annoying tendency to come detached in your pocket. I suggest just attaching it straight to your keyring to avoid loss. 

The tool is very simple and seems to be of good quality. It is made of roughly 1.5mm steel and is more than adequate for the task at hand!!

While maybe not the most exciting tool you’ve ever seen, the Trolly Dolly is a useful item to have attached to your keys, and it could save you a bit of bother when you forgot to take any change for the trolley. 

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