Monday, 1 June 2015

Lansky World Legal Knife Review

Key Info
- Legal carry in 156 countries (including the UK) (at the time of writing). 
- 440c stainless steel blade. 
- Very sturdy design. 
- Very good value. 

Lansky claims that their “World Legal” knife is legal to carry in 156 countries, including the UK. It has a sub-3-inch non-locking blade, made from 440c stainless steel and a very sturdy design. 

Made from 440c stainless, this blade holds a good edge. It is very thick and quite short (2.75”), but this gives you positive control over the blade while cutting. There is no blade play (at least not on my model) and the whole knife feels very solid altogether. The backspring is very strong and has a half-stop when closing the blade. This helps to ensure that it doesn’t close up on your fingers, despite the lack of a lock. There is no one-hand opening facility on the World Legal, but it is very easy to open with two hands, even though the spring is strong. 

Some may say that the World Legal is “ugly”. It has to be said that it does have a rather unique design, but personally, I don’t find it bad and think it is very practical, with a strong lanyard hole, easily removable/reversible pocket clip and simple hex bolts holding it all together. The World Legal is heavy for a pocket knife, weighing nearly 160g, however, as a result of this, it is extremely sturdy, with its thick blade and thick steel liners giving you great confidence to use and abuse this knife. 

From a value-for-money perspective, I think the Lansky World Legal is hard to beat. It is very strong with nice blade steel, and makes the perfect travel knife due to its legality and low cost to replace if lost. 

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