Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sigg Classic Water Bottles Review

Key Info
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Standard size – 1l.
  • Many colours available.

Sigg make nice bottles. They are sturdy (although dent quite easily) and totally safe to drink from (it is said that some plastic bottles may contain harmful chemicals). They are perfect for a reasonably priced bottle for everyday use at work, at school or wherever. As well as the standard one litre, Sigg bottles are available in 1.5l, 1l, 0.75l, 0.6l, 0.4l and 0.3l, so there's a size for everyone! They also come in a wide variety of colours. 

General Info
Sigg bottles are constructed from one piece of aluminium, coated inside with a resin, which stops drinks (like orange juice etc.) reacting with the aluminium. This coating helps keep your drink from tasting funny, and won't flake off when the bottle is dented, however, it means that Sigg bottles are unsuitable for boiling in, as the coating will flake off into the drink at those high temperatures! (If you want a bottle suitable for boiling, look at uncoated, stainless steel ones, such as the Klean Kanteen). Sigg bottles can also be used for fizzy drinks, and won't explode everywhere like those hard plastic ones you get in some outdoor stores! The seal on the lid of Sigg bottles is also very good. I've never had mine leak, and the rubber hasn't gone hard or cracked in close to ten years of service.

Sigg bottles are very well made. They are a simple, reliable design that will last forever, and they don't have any fancy lids (the sports type) to leak everywhere or crack.

These water bottles are perfect for general day to day use, so if you don't intend to boil water in your bottle, and just want it as an alternative to cheap plastic bottles, you can't go wrong with a Sigg! (loads of different styles and sizes are available on

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