Wednesday, 12 September 2012

IMCO Triplex 6700 Lighter Review

UPDATE: Unfortunately, IMCO has now gone out of business, and their lighters are now very difficult to obtain. Perhaps look at Zippo Lighters instead, by clicking here. 

Key Info
  • Wind resistant.
  • Liquid fuelled.
  • Double action mechanism.
  • Removable fuel tank (can be removed while burning).
  • Easy flint replacement – just flip open the side and drop in a new one.
  • Wick also replaceable (obviously!!).
  • Adjustable flame height.
  • Spare flints can be stored in the bottom of the fuel tank.
  • Great value for money.
The Triplex 6700 is a great little lighter. It is liquid fuelled (Zippo fluid, petrol, or pretty much any light liquid that burns!), which, personally, I prefer to gas, and has a double action lighting mechanism, meaning that the wick is revealed and flint struck in one “button” press. The flint is very easily replaced by flipping opening the side and just dropping in another. Spare flints can be kept in the bottom of the fuel tank. Another nice feature is the ability to remove the fuel tank while alight, making it easy to light fires and other tricky things without burning yourself! IMCO lighters are made in Austria, and come with a 10 year warranty, which is nice to have, just in case one of the moving parts fails, which is probably fairly unlikely, but who knows!

General Info.
The Triplex has a flap-out side (the rectangular bit), which enables new flints to be inserted, or the mechanism inspected for dirt or damage. When the side is opened, a rod pulls up on a sliding part, revealing an empty space where the new flint is inserted (it is perhaps worth noting that I prefer Zippo flints, as they seem to be a little harder – my IMCO flint only lasted a few days of fairly regular use, but the Zippo (also reviewed here) has gone three weeks and it's not even half gone). The internal mechanism looks well made, and although it can't be as reliable as the Zippo – which is far simpler, it feels good quality – not like it's about to break – and I don't ever expect to have to make use of that 10 year warranty!

Another handy little feature is the ability to remove the lit wick and fuel tank, meaning that you can light fires, or anything in an awkward place or awkward angle without burning yourself and having the lighter burn a hole in your pocket when you put it away – due to it's thin metal construction, it conducts heat very quickly, so after prolonged use can become extremely hot!

One more useful thing is the ability to adjust the flame height. There is a little sliding collar, which opens and closes little holes in the side of the lighter, allowing more or less oxygen to the flame. The flame varies from a very useable one inch to a more Zippo-like three inches.

As with all liquid fuelled lighters, evaporation of fuel is an issue. However, on the IMCO keeps hold of it's fuel for longer than a Zippo, due to a better 'seal' around the wick. I find it needs refilling once every three to four weeks or so, but lasts longer in the winter, when the fuel evaporates more slowly. Contrastingly, my Zippo needs refilling around every fortnight.

The IMCO Triplex is a nice quality item. It doesn't have the bomb-proof, utilitarian, beautifully simple and reliable design as the Zippo, but it does feel well made, and built to last (providing you don't sit on it or something!). Also, the IMCO lights first time, every time, and except for when I oiled mine (don't – it won't light and you'll have to clean it all off!!), I cannot remember a time when it has failed to light!! I much prefer the design of liquid fuelled lighter over gas – they are much simpler and far more reliable, in my experience, and the IMCO and, of course, the Zippo are the two lighters that I can absolutely recommend.

The IMCO Triplex 6700 is a very good lighter indeed. It is very reliable, and cheaper than a Zippo. It also has lots of handy little features, which, for me, make it one of my favourite lighters. So, if you're after a great value lighter for outdoor use, or just general every day carry, this is the one for you! 


  1. Good review. I have carried lighters daily for years -- nearly as much as a pocket knife. I generally carry a butane because of size and how well the fuel lasts. I don't smoke so I don't use a lighter multiple times per day.

    Out in the boonies, though, you can't beat a liquid-fuel lighter like this one or the Zippo.

    1. Same here. I don't smoke, but always carry a lighter for the little tasks - melting ice out of a lock, sealing a piece of rope etc. I do like the way that butane lighters hold their fuel forever, and the most reliable ones I've used are the little bic/cricket type.


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