Friday, 14 September 2012

Swiss Tech Utili-Key Review

Key Info
  • 6 tools in one – flat screwdriver, philips screwdriver, micro screwdriver, straight blade, serrated blade and bottle opener.
  • Excellent portability – extremely compact.
  • Unnoticeable on a keyring.
  • Built-in keyring attachment/detachment.
  • Hinged design.

The Swiss Tech Utili Key is the smallest and lightest multitool I've ever owned. It has 6 functions (listed above) and can come in handy for all sorts of small tasks. The tools chosen are, in my opinion, some of the most useful ones, and they are cleverly incorporated into a design no larger than a normal house key. The tools are arranged in a hinged design, with one pivot, which, when unfolded, uncovers the blade and bottle opener, and makes a sort of handle for use of these tools or the screwdrivers (depending on how far you open it up). The best thing about this multitool is its compactness. It is completely unnoticeable on your keyring, which I think gives it an advantage over keyring-sized Swiss Army Knives or Leatherman multitools (although these do have better tools). It also has an integrated keyring attachment/detachment mechanism, which comes off your keyring when the tool is hinged open, and clips back on when shut.

The Utili-Key is well made. I don't think it is as well made as Swiss Army Knives (made by Victorinox), and the blade doesn't take a great edge (reasonable though), but it is by no means poor quality. It is, in fact, very good, and is easily good enough quality for what it is intended for.

The Utili-Key is the one keyring that I always carry. It has so many potential uses, and you don't even know you've got it on your keys. If you're after a keyring multitool, and size and weight are a problem, then I think this is, without doubt, the one to go for! 

You can get the Utili-Key from

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