Saturday, 18 February 2012

Victorinox Farmer Alox Review

Quick Guide
  • 93l x 22w x 19h mm
  • Blade
  • Bottle Opener/Large Screwdriver/Wire Stripper
  • Can Opener/Small Screwdriver
  • Wood Saw
  • Reamer/Awl
  • Keyring for Lanyard
  • 86g

Tech Spec
The Victorinox Alox Farmer is a UK legal carry penknife with a great balance of practicability, looks and strength. Its aluminium grips give it a comfortable and secure feeling in the hand, and its size and weight just right for an everyday carry penknife. It feels and looks like quality and has the Victorinox pedigree, which assures a good, long lasting useful product.

The steel used is of a good general quality and hardness, with the cutting blades rated at 56HRC, the Wood saw, Scissors and Nail Files rated at 53HRC, Tin Opener and Awl 52HRC, Corkscrew and Springs at 49HRC.

Although the Farmer is useful for things we all come across in everyday life, tightening the odd screw, opening packages, sharpening pencils, making a small pilot hole for a screw etc etc, the Farmer is also a great knife to have in your rucksack on a trail walk. It has a useful combination of tools, as previously mentioned and is up to much more than just everyday tasks. The saw, for instance, is strong enough for tackling 1 to 2 inch branches for, say, cutting a stick. The blade, more than capable of paring and slicing food for a campfire feast, or whittling, sharpening, gutting fish etc. The bottle opener needs no explanation but can also make a fairly strong lever. A particularly useful item is the Reamer/Awl. This is useful for boring hole through wood for a lanyard and wheedling things out of holes. It can also be used as a punch to, maybe, make a makeshift bag. The tin opener can be useful, but in my opinion always one of the redundant blades on a swiss. You may disagree and I'd be pleased to hear from you! I make more mention of this in the conclusion so do read on.....

The Victorinox Farmer is a great all rounder. Great for everyday tasks and excellent as a daysack knife for the lighter tasks you may encounter on the trail. I would suggest however, you take a look at the Victorinox Harvester. This is a very similar knife but instead of a tin opener has a small curved pruning knife. This is, in my opinion a superior knife for that reason.  The small blade is very sharp and so handy for cutting string or rope. It is also great for stripping away those small branches when making a stick. Basically, it can take away all the little cutting tasks, leaving your main blade sharp for more important things (see Photo Gallery for comparison). Unfortunately, however, the Harvester seems virtually impossible to source in the UK, although Amazon do have a stock from time to time. That said, the Farmer is an excellent alternative, and will give you many years of useful service due to its great quality and design. 

The Farmer (and if you're lucky, the Harvester) is available on

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