Monday, 1 June 2015

Lansky Blade Medic Review

Key Info
- Includes tungsten and ceramic “V” sharpeners, tapered diamond sharpener and ceramic sharpener. 
- Solid metal design. 
- Replaceable “V” sharpener. 
- Can sharpen plain edge or serrated blades. 
- Lanyard hole. 

The Lansky Blade Medic is a really handy pocket knife sharpener. It combines the typical tungsten and ceramic “V” sharpeners with a tapered diamond file and a small ceramic “stone”. It is a well made, compact package, which allows you to keep your plain and serrated blades in good order whist in the field. 

Firstly, I will say that I am not a big fan of “V” style sharpeners because I usually use a Lansky Sharpening System to set my sharpening angles and the “V” sharpeners interfere with this. However, while they aren’t particularly good for your knife’s edge long-term, they have their uses in emergencies, as they sharpen very quickly and give reasonable results, even in unskilled hands. The Blade Medic’s combination of this style of sharpener with a tapered diamond rod for sharpening plain or serrated edges and ceramic “stone” for serrations (and potentially plain edges too if used carefully) really increases it’s versatility, making it not only great for emergency field sharpening but useful to maintain your edge (with the diamond rod) between “proper” sharpenings on a more comprehensive sharpening system

The Blade Medic is constructed from what appears to be some kind of aluminium alloy, and has good weight to it (I was pleasantly surprised when I first received mine, as I thought it would be plastic!). The tungsten “V” sharpener is reversible and easily replaceable with a couple of hex bolts, and the sharpener has a lanyard hole. There is one weakness that I see in the design, but it hasn’t proved to be a problem for me yet: the hinge on the tapered diamond sharpener, which is retained by a magnet, is made from plastic. This seems to be a strange decision by Lansky; to make the only moving part from plastic, but hopefully it won’t be an issue. 

The Blade Medic is a great little sharpener. It won’t replace a more comprehensive sharpening system, however, for quick touch-ups while out and about it is perfect. It is also reasonably priced, and can be had as part of a great value set with the Lansky World Legal Knife.  (available at

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