Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bolle Contour Sunglasses/Safety Goggles Review

Key Info
- Meet EN166/170/172 1F CE safety standards.
- Come in various lens types - clear, smoked etc. 
- Available with metal or plastic frames. 

The Bolle Contour Safety Glasses are basically sunglasses, but they have polycarbonate lenses and have passed the relevant standards for safety goggles. Bolle is one of the largest manufacturers of safety glasses in the world, so they're well known and recognised for being good and affordable. These particular glasses are available with plastic or metal frames, and in various lens configurations. The ones reviewed here are the metal framed variety with smoked lenses. 

Why safety glasses?
By now, you're probably thinking "why would you want safety glasses and not just ordinary sunglasses". There's a couple of reasons why you might. Firstly, if you use a slingshot or air gun, or something similar, outside, it's handy to have sunglasses that double as your safety goggles so you don't have to keep swapping. Secondly, if you're a cyclist, these will stop road chippings, insects etc from hitting you in the eye while you're gong along, while also (in the case of the smoked lenses) cutting the bright sun. I have also found them useful for using power tools, as they're much lighter and clearer than those big square goggles you normally get at DIY shops. However, another reason that you might want to wear them is just why not - if you're wearing sunglasses then they may as well be safety glasses too - you never know when you're going to need a pair and you're likely to have these with you at the time, unlike other safety glasses. 

When I received these, I was surprised at how good the quality was. They were very inexpensive, and yet they have very well made metal frames (on the metal-framed version, I cannot speak for the plastic as I have not seen them), soft rubber parts to protect you from the sharp metal and very clear lenses. They are also fairly "heavy" giving a sense of quality. 

UPDATE: I have recently purchased the plastic-framed version of these and am pleased to say that they're just as good. In fact I think I slightly prefer them to the metal-framed version in some ways as they're lighter and less noticeable. 

Well, there you have it. You may just be after some decent safety glasses so you don't have to use those square things, or you might just be after some sunglasses. Whatever you're looking for, and for whatever purpose, these are definitely worth a look, and can be found on

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